Inspiration: Street Style

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Street style is all about showing your personal style and purely self-expression.

Whenever I see street style photos that I like, I always save it on my desktop and take it as an inspiration when I dress up. Here are some of the photos:

The camo print is always perfect when paired with neutrals.

The demigod of street style and one of my style icons, Nick Wooster. 
 Floral prints? Yay! Gone are the days where floral shirts for men is a No No, especially when it's worn properly. 
 Kanye West
 Bomber Jackets!!!

The orange details made this outfit more interesting! 

In my point of view, Tumblr or any street style blogs out there aren't killing personal style, in fact, it helps people to discover/develop their personal style- which doesn't happen overnight. I don't think all of us are born dapper, stylish, blogger etc. it all started or came from something or someone. I think, because of these sites, fashion has become more accessible to everyone and it influence/inspire people to be better. It's okay to get inspirations, imitate at first, but always aim to be different from the rest. Besides, fashion shouldn't be taken  seriously. Wear whatever you want as long as you're comfortable, go for it!!

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