The Essentials: Denim Jacket

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Oh.. Here's my first outfit post this year! 

Every guy should own a denim jacket. I'm serious, no matter what the brand is! If you don't have one, best thing to do is to raid your dad's or friend's closet and for sure, you'll find one... or go thrift shopping! If you want to spend, Levi's has the best denim items!

Denim jacket is so classic. It is such an instant way to look polished or put together with grungy feel in any of your outfits! Expect to see this jacket more in this blog..
When the jacket is big, small or boxy, fold the sleeves, so that it'll still look good and wearable! 

I will never get tired of Denim on Denim!

I've missed doing this! Have a great week ahead! Please pray that my Thesis final defense will be great this Saturday!

(Baleno buttondown from SM, Gifted Denim jacket, Guess watch, Topman socks and Zara oxford sneakers)

Photos by: Marionne Cinco

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