Graduation Pictorial

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

I had my graduation pictorial yesterday and it was the best shoot I had ever! I still can't believe I'm graduating on time (I'm claiming it!!). How time flies so fast! I still remember my first day in college and look at me now. I'm actually mixed emotions. I'm happy, because I'm already graduating. Sad, because I will miss college. Pressured, because I don't know what will be my job or where will I head after college. *sigh* But in the meantime, I'll just enjoy my remaining days in college and seize every moment.

I chose Chuck Bass as my inspiration for my creative shot. If you don't know-Chuck Bass is my favorite character in Gossip Girl portrayed by Ed Westwick. He's one of my style icons. My friends were telling me that I looked effortless. Parang normal lang daw lol! Because some of them really made an effort (haha). Even if I'm not a billionaire and not wearing the most expensive suit- I hope I was able to pull off the Chuck Bass look! Thanks to Marionne Cinco for taking these photos!
Customized Blazer, Bowtie from Bjorn, Baleno button down, Bench chinos, Vintage shoes
The signature look of Chuck Bass- Preppy, clean cut, well dressed in modern suit and a bow tie.

Here are some of the BTS from the shoot. Thanks to Nina for these photos! :)

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