The Comeback

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Starting today, I'm breaking my long hiatus! Hooray! I know, this blog has been dead for almost 4 months!! There are a lot of reasons why- first, I was hospitalized for almost 3 weeks and I had undergone a surgery but what important is, I'm okay now! And I was also swamped with a lot of school work- shoot here, there and everywhere because I'm already graduating!*Crossing my Fingers* And I just ended my internship at Esquire last month. So blogging wasn't my top priority. But since it's already the start of my semestral break, it's the perfect time to be back as blogger.

Preppy look for my first comeback outfit, I decided to wear this pink MEMO polo with my TOPMAN blue chinos because I think it goes well together and it looks more relaxed and playful compared to the usual white top paired with black pants. And I couldn't imagine this look if I didn't pair it with my Lolo's hand-me-down shoes! This is vintage, man! 

Can I just share that I lost almost 20lbs!

I wore this yesterday for the last day of classes! Just pigged-out with my friends after and went home right away because we had no sleep.

Thanks to my friend, Nina for taking my outfit photos! You could follow her on instagram- @ninadelosreyes

She's wearing; Zara shirt, Forever 21 skirt and Topshop studded flats.

So this is just the start, stay tuned for more because I will try my best to update this blog everyday. Cheers! The Dandy Ayds.

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