Wednesday, 17 October 2012

What I love most about thrift shopping is that, you can find a lot of unique items, like this camouflage jacket I'm wearing. I got this months ago for only 200 pesos. Some people are really complimenting it and a friend even thought that I got it from Zara (Har har). But I'm always proud to say that I got it sa ukay! This proves that you don't always need expensive stuff to look your best! It's all about Mix and Matching. 

I already wore this jacket twice. First was when I attended the Miss Selfridge opening few months ago, which my friends and I won as a best-dressed! And just recently to the First ever Topman Fashion Friday. I really like mixing green and blue with a hints of brown.
What an awkward pose! Haha! It was so hot when my sister took these photos! 

What do you think about it? Comments? Thoughts? ;)

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