Monday, 14 May 2012

I had a shoot last Sunday together with my co-interns for a special feature in a magazine! I'm still stoked about it! It's really a dream come true (for real!) I won't share what magazine until it's out already (though I already tweeted about it haha) Sorry but I'm just too excited! lol 

Our location was in U.P. Diliman! A perfect place to shoot!

Being interviewed by Aldrin...

That's Remar and Louie!

Our dressing room that day (Louie's car lol)

Louie Gabaldon
Hello Raymond!!
Our make-up artist.. Sorry I forgot her name! :|
This was my first look and I had to B&W it so that there would be an element of surprise! lol! 

I will wear this outfit one of these days! :)

Special thanks to our awesome photographer, Ronan Capili! He was so easy to work with! For sure
the photos would be amazing!

Thanks to Remar Gutierrez for these BTS photos! 

The Dandy Ayds


Hazel Balde said...

Nice, Ayds! :) Show it to me when it's out already!

Lemuel Urieta said...

Can't wait for the photos!