Sunday, 6 May 2012

Ombre shirts are really one of this summer's hottest trends.. There is just something fascinating about the gradual color change from light to dark.

Thrifted denim button up, Topman trousers and socks, Wade Brogues

Camouflage Forever 21 sunnies

Swatch watch

Topman socks, Wade Brogues

This is my outfit for today when we attended the mass, and went to Makati after with family. I was really bored yesterday, and got so inspired with this D-I-Y Ombre shirt (link)! so I decided to do my own. I bought this denim polo in a thrift store for only 60php, then Zonrox, plus hot water, then, voilĂ !  = Instant Ombre shirt! I'm definitively doing this again! ;)
 Good thing, my new blue trousers complemented my "OMBRE" look! These aztec socks are also my favorite! It can easily spice up an outfit. Don't you think?  Thank you to my sisters for taking these photos!

Have a great & productive week! TDA


Cristina Decena said...

I love your denim top, Adrian! <3

Lemuel Urieta said...

Cool DIY ombre shirt!
Anyway, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I envy you because of that RSSI internship! haha!

Mar said...

Hi Adrian! It's so nice to finally visit your awesome blog :) I super like that ombre shirt because it's versatile like that! haha. 'til your next post!

Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen

Jech said...

great look, man. i saw your site on my girlfriend's (bea benedicto) blog and decided to check it out. good stuff!

KAIIWONG said...

Great combi. Love the socks in your shoes.


Yuki Lusiana Eka said...

love your outfit! Thrifted denim, it just cool!<3