Visita Iglesia

Thursday, 5 April 2012

It is a family tradition to visit 14 churches or to do a Visita Iglesia every Holy Thursday. This year, we started exploring the churches in Alabang to the beautiful churches in Manila. Walking to the raging heat of summer, getting in and out of a car every time we see a church, and a lot of rants but we have to sacrifice just like what Jesus did for us. 

Holy Week is the best time to take a break and relax. But let's not forget to thank the Lord for all his blessings, and it's the perfect time to reflect upon his sacrifice to save us. 

Inside the Baclaran church

Manila Cathedral

San Agustin Church

San Agustín Church is the oldest existing church in the Philippines. It is an essential tourist destination in Manila for those who are interested in Philippine history and culture. It has 14 side chapels and a trompe-l'oeil ceiling. Up in the choir loft are the hand-carved 17th-century seats made of molave, a beautiful tropical hardwood. It is Breathtaking!! 

Anyway, holy week is best spend to the people who matter to you. I wish everyone a peaceful holy week! Let's have a great weekend! :)

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