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Sunday, 29 April 2012

(April 10-27,2012) I've been blogging about this internship since day 1, because it was just too awesome not to blog! Everyday was such a wonderful experience for me. Out of so many people who applied, I was chosen to be one of the 15 interns who got accepted. I'm just so ecstatic about it! I joined the program because I wanted to know more about fashion retailing and wanted to meet a lot of new friends. 
I was first assigned in Ben Sherman! The store who has the best interior design. And they have their own WiFi! coolio.

Being vain when there was no customer. Haha

Then Warehouse

The Pretty Mannequins of Topshop-Shangrila. I just forgot their names. :S Yes, they have names. lol

I was also assigned in Topman Galleria, I experienced customers who fits a lot of stuff but never buy anything (now I know how it feels to be on a seller's shoes) and the customers who never greets back. (Guys, please greet them back or just smile at them.) =)

The big stockroom (sorry not so obvious haha) of Topman/Topshop in Galleria. My dream closet! lol

I got this Aztec socks for winning the Mood Board challenge last orientation! Super nice!



 Ben Sherman is all about being classic.



My favorite of them all... This is inspired by their Santa Fe trend. A look inspired by the thriving surf scene of the early 1970’s and the transient surfers and skaters of West Coast of America who scaled the coast searching for waves and work.  

They actually change what the mannequins are wearing every week. They really follow the international retail standards. From store displays, lay-out, have to be the same as the ones in London. Even their music and hangers have to be placed exactly what they are instructed to.

On our last day, we went store hopping!

The Shangrila team: Chari from Ateneo with her lovey Diego, and Janine from ICA. Pretty girls, indeed!

Ate Tala and Kuya Melvin of Ben Sherman! They're so fun to be with!

Janine and I with the Store Supervisor and Store Manager of Topshop-Shang! 

The friendly staff of Topshop!

and Warehouse!
One of the perks of this internship is that you could meet a lot of people from the fashion industry. Like stylists from different publications and even celebrities. Here's Angel Jacob looking so posh!

with Ben Sherman's store manager, Sir Val. I will definitely miss going to Edsa Shangrila everyday!

"Good Afternoon, welcome to ____" I would definitely miss saying that to every customer who enters the store. Being a sales associate or the so called salesman is not a joke. Standing for long straight hours and assisting different kinds of customers. My respect for them went up.  The experience was so humbling and it taught me a lot of things. Now, I would be very friendly to the one who's assisting me whenever I shop. 

Thank you so much Robinsons Specialty Stores, Inc. for this best summer experience! 

Up next: Our RSSI Fashion Show Awarding in Greenbelt 3.

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