First day of my Internship

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

This is what I wore to the first day of my RSSI Internship. It was actually an Orientation day which was held in Crowne Plaza. They discussed a lot of things like- the history of each brands, company policies, customer service, mannequin styling, their target market, the latest trends of each brands and a lot more. Everyday would be such a learning experience for me. I also met my other 14 co-interns. They were all so nice and friendly. We will also be having a video shoot with David Guison, and Fashion Show on our last day. I couldn't be more excited!

MEMO striped shirt, VINTAGE blazer, TOPMAN skinny carrot/bag/socks, ZOO YORK shoes

Say hello to my new Hairstyle! 
 I wanted to look clean and presentable on the first day (and everyday) because I'm modeling/representing the brands of RSSI.  Fashion is really an instant language. We are living in a world which we are constantly judged by our look/appearance.

Didn't take too much photos because don't-ask-me why haha
My artsy Guide for the whole internship, and the yummy cake pops!

We played a lot of games! It was really fun! I think it is for us to know each other, and to bond as well. Can I just share that we won the Mood Board activity! We didn't expect it 'coz we were "ngarag". Hahaha Here's Mond and Sarah from DLSU explaining our Dorothy Perkins and Warehouse mood board.

Sorry but I didn't have a complete photo of us! 

My bag for the next two weeks! Thanks for this, RSSI! 

Visit me in BEN SHERMAN Edsa-Shangrila and please shop til you drop! I can also give you some styling tips (if you want). Favor: Please like TOPMAN, TOPSHOP, WAREHOUSE Philippines on facebook. Thanks, guys!

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Giancarlo Clarete said...

cooool internship. Where'd you get your watch?