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Monday, 30 April 2012

Do you want to be still fashionable without being too trendy? Then Ben Sherman (a British Brand) is perfect for you. They caters a very sartorial look. They sell mostly basic pieces "that never go out of style", which is made from high quality materials and craftsmanship just like- tees, blazers, button downs, chinos (EC1), and a lot more.  

I was assigned in Ben Sherman for the first 3 days of my RSSI internship. I must say, I love everything! I actually tried their clothes whenever I'm on break (he he)! Here are the pictures to prove that the store has the best interior design;

Ben Sherman was a legend in his own right. A man described as ‘always embracing the new and the different’; someone constantly searching for the best of things. He disliked regularity, preferring to search out things that were perceived as unavailable to him. He was a passionate businessman with an artist’s soul

I love the vibe of the store- It's very English! I felt like I'm in a hotel lounge!

Vintage vibe could be felt the moment you enter the store. Because of the vintage cameras, and typewriters. 

The store displays its own history all over the walls. From the mods to the Britpop.

Its basic design was influenced by the classic American Ivy League shirt but Ben’s design vision added the back hook, the button on the back of the collar, but most importantly his feel and passion for fabric, pattern and colour created a unique garment.

Plaid overload! 

They have Mod Fit ( BEN SHERMANS 'Regular' fit and the most common fit in the BEN SHERMAN range.) and Soho Fit (BEN SHERMAN'S Super Slim fit.)

They also sell accessories  like these pretty wallets, belts, and even eye-wears. 

Their trademark logo:  Mod Target

I'm so amazed with their fitting rooms! It's so unique!

I just want these mannequins in my room!

Ben Sherman is now own by RSSI (Robinson's Specialty Sores, Inc.) here in the Philippines. What are you waiting for cool kids? Visit and Shop now in Ben Sherman! They also have a very friendly staff! Ben Sherman is located in Edsa Shangrila Mall- 3rd Level.

The Ben Sherman shirt is an icon and there is simply nothing quite like an original Ben Sherman shirt.

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