Saturday, 24 March 2012

I'm very happy that our final project in Film Production won Best Screenplay! 
Congrats to Spiral Minds Production! If you want to see our short film click here. 

After that day, My friends and I got invited to the grand and generous opening of Barcino in Alabang Town Center.  They served a lot of good food and free-flowing drinks! I also love the vibe of the place. 

Can I just share that I love the new "The Street" in Alabang Town Center. They opened a lot of restaurants, milk tea places, and a lot more. So many good options for us, south people. We don't need to go to Makati and The Fort anymore. Level up!

It was jam-packed! 
With Nina and her white wine

We were craving for Jamba so we stopped by first. I'm so happy that they opened already! 

Jamba Juice is a California- based of healthy beverages and “better-for-you” snacks. They offer blended beverages which are made with whole fruits include classic smoothies, creamy smoothies and all-fruit smoothies. Also on the menu are California flatbreads and wraps, Fruit & Yogurt Parfait and Steel-Cut Oatmeal, an oats-and-soymilk combo topped with your choice of fruits.

Banana Berry is one of my faves!

Krispy Kreme for my sweet tooth 

My cray cray cray friends!

Trend Alert: Sequins! 

They have a super friendly staff! Check!

Then went back to Barcino to partyyy!

Marionne, Nina, Kaye, and Pancho

It was really a fun night! And I hope you enjoyed my photos! Cheers!

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Isa said...

Cute niyo! Pero memo awkward si Pancho sa last photo. :)