Easy Come | Easy Go

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Things that arrive too easily are as likely to depart as easily..

This is probably one of my favorite t-shirts ever. I like its trendy and youthful design it gives to any ensemble, especially when worn with dark pieces.

This t-shirt is also memorable cos I got it from Bershka, the brand where I had my first job after college. I must say, the experience was amazing. I learned a lot of things, from supervising and training the staff to coordinating the store (my favorite) and a lot more! I'm also glad I was able to work with the best, very talented and creative team.

Sad though, I had to leave cos of unexpected event occurred in my life. Time for better opportunities, I guess?!

Bershka t-shirt | Topman pants and hoodie | Nike Roshe Run

Anything Blue

Monday, 3 February 2014

Preppy look with a twist! 

One of the backlog posts during the Holidays! This was taken after a quick shoot I had with Bjorn for his KalsadaPH project. To know more about it, Check the Facebook page here. These photos were actually taken by a random person at the mall, lol! 

On to my outfit, I wore a blue on blue again. In different shade, of course. I had this blue phase in my life, lol! where I kept on buying anything blue. I don't know to you but aside from the flattering black, blue is also an easy color to wear and pair with anything. On this look, I paired it with neutral pieces to let the color be the focal point of my look.

Zara sweater | United Colors of Benetton chinos | Regatta bag| Nike Roshe Run

Katsu and The Black Book

Thursday, 30 January 2014

My current obsession: Chicken Katsu from Yabu and Esquire Philippines' The Big Black Book. Without these things today, life will be boring.
My comfort food! If you haven't tried Yabu's katsu yet, you're missing out!!

Grab a copy of the first Esquire Philippines The Big Black Book! I assisted one of the editorials and I tell you, it is loaded of information from slick styling editorials, the most essential of essentials men should invest, to guide on bath taking and a lot more. 

It is really a collector's item and I can't wait for the next one! Available at the leading bookstores and newsstands nationwide for only 250php.